Hi there! I’m Heather Johnson, a Minneapolis based wedding photographer with an infectious laugh, an affinity for lists, and an intense passion for telling stories through photographs.  So glad you are here.

Clients I serve are looking for timeless and classic wedding photos that focus not only on the connections between people, but also the joy of the day. When the big day finally arrives there is nothing I want more for you than to be present and in the moment. It’s my job to worry about recording the details—and it’s a job I love.

Most days you can find me running my business or running after my girls—or who am I kidding—both! I am definitely a go, go, go type of gal that gives 110% in whatever I do, and I am a firm believer that the energy I give out is the energy I get back. (This is code for be prepared for fun and lots of laughter on your wedding day! But that’s what you’re looking for right?) ☺

As a wedding photographer I’ve been awarded The Best of Weddings on The Knot for three consecutive years and been published in Minneapolis/St Paul Weddings Magazine, but nothing means more to me than the testimonials I receive from my clients. I honestly tear up every time I read one for the first time!

When I am not busy working there’s a pretty good chance I’ll be camped out in front of our fireplace wearing an oversized sweater and sipping coffee with lots of cream. (I only recently learned about the word hygge and let me tell you—I am ALL about it.) I love football and family and spend way more than I should on books and craft supplies. Just ask my husband!

If you like to learn more, here are five more unique facts about me:

  1. I LOVE history. As a kid I thought it was normal to watch WW II documentaries, and in college I happily signed up for the Civil War and Reconstruction class twice. At 8am.

  2. After college I served in the US Army for four years. Back then I could do 59 pushups in two minutes! While it’s safe to say I cannot do that anymore, I CAN carry a camera bag, two light stands, a laptop bag, and bottle of coca-cola all at the same time when I arrive at a venue. I like to think I still got it.

  3. I do NOT like humidity.  At all. In fact all summer long I worry about one thing, and one thing alone…what is the dew point?

  4. My favorite color is pink, my favorite season is fall, and nearly every day I eat an avocado.

  5. I carry a stool with me to every wedding. At 5’0” I need all the help I can get! Never fear though, using it does not slow me down. One of my favorite thank you notes I ever received was from a bride that said, “girl you OWNED that stool!”

Still here? Let’s chat! You can contact me via my contact form, send me an email, call or text.  I can’t wait to get to know you!